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When should my child’s teeth erupt?

November 27, 2014

teething baby

One of the most fulfilling feelings a parent could feel is to see their child grow. Regarding the growth of teeth the question most often asked is when should my baby’s teeth erupt? The term erupt relates to the moment the crown of the tooth becomes visible in the mouth.

Baby teeth grows in stages and although there are guidelines as to when they grow,  it is important to know that we are different from one another and sometimes there could be a delay in the eruption of teeth from birth. It is comparable to growing physically: some kids sprout all of a sudden while others become taller at a later age. So there is no need to panic when you baby is, say, 10 months old and has no teeth.

On average the first set of teeth that will show in the mouth takes place when the baby is around 6-7 months and these are the lower central incisors (lower front teeth). The upper central incisors follow right after at 8-10 months old. The teeth next to the central ones are called laterals and they normally decide to show up when the baby is around 11-13 months. The fangs, also known as canines erupt, in the mouth around 19th -20th month.  The first molar comes when the baby reaches 16 months of age. The second molar follows at around 2 ½ years of age

Although the baby teeth are meant to exfoliate and get replaced by permanent teeth it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene to promote a better health of teeth especially when the permanent teeth start erupting. It is important to instil in your children’s mind how to take good care of their teeth to avoid future dental problems such as dental decay and toothache.  Because the permanent teeth are the final! Your child will hopefully keep those until they get older.